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Rudy's Sock Drive Inc was founded by Rudy Washington IV in 2015 when he was 9 years old. Rudy was born in Ann Abor, Michigan (GO BLUE), to Rudy and Starr Washington. He has one sister, Bianca, and a niece & nephew, LundiStarr & Braylin. Rudy is now 13 and in the 7th grade. 

Through sock drives, Rudy collects new socks for the homeless. The socks are then donated to communities throughout Michigan and Georgia. On cold winter nights, you can find Rudy and his parents walking the streets of Detroit handing out socks and other necessities to help the homeless survive the dangerously cold temperatures.

The birth of Rudy's No Bully Zone came after Rudy was bullied out of school in March 2016. Rudy decided to use this unfortunate situation as an opportunity to raise awareness. Rudy's Anti-Bullying program travels to elementary and middle schools, and through assemblies, Rudy Inspires, Empowers and Educates the youth on the dangers of bullying. Encouraging the youth to be upstanders and not bystanders, and that words really do hurt. Rudy promotes being bucket fillers and not bucket dippers.  

Rudy is one of the youngest, most passionate philanthropist you’ll ever meet. His drive and determination are like nothing you’ve ever seen. Once Rudy has his mind set on doing something it’s a wrap, there’s no turning back. 

Rudy, also known as the SockMan, and his family, recently relocated to the state of GA, where he is making a difference in his community thereby helping the homeless. Rudy loves sports and all things music; However, his biggest passion is helping others. Rudy enjoys spending time with his Grandparents, Andre & Grace Lewis. He also continues to be inspired by his Uncle, CSM, Lorenzo L. Lewis, one of his biggest supporters.

Rudy has dedicated his life to helping those in need, making a difference in the world, one pair of new socks at a time.